Blockchain. Simplified.

Let the Verifiable Blockchain platform empower your business. Our turn-key solution can be integrated with virtually any software system via our open standards interface. Create an account in seconds, get your API key and start sending data our way. Verify, Store, Share. Your data securely on the Blockchain. It's that easy.

Today it is all about the data. Real data. The Verifiable Blockchain empowers your data with the most important quality there is: truth. No more guessing. No more wondering. When your data is shared via the Verifiable Blockchain you, your customers, partners, vendors, contractors, everyone will know without question that this is the original, unaltered, unhacked, unchanged, un-anything but the real thing.


With Verifiable you can get started with Blockchain Technology today. Not tomorrow. Sign up for an account and start sharing your data. No up-front fees, no setup costs. Pay for only what you use. We simply invoice you for activity starting at just a few cents per transaction.


We can accept any business data via our uber-simple API interface. Open data structures that meet your needs as you design them in your dashboard. It can't be any easier.

Platform & Services Detail

Blockchain as a service. No need to worry about running nodes, maintaining a network or even paying for Gas (we run a semi-private Ethereum Blockchain). Get the best of all worlds with Verifiable. Don't just take our word for it--give it a go today!

To access the Verifiable Platform you need to create an account on our system. We may conduct Know Your Customer (KYC) checks as we only allow trusted customers to access our system. They KYC will be done at no cost to you.

After approval you will be assigned a unique API key that needs to be included in your data feed. This will be in your Dashboard.

Our Application Program Interface (API) could not be any simpler. Standard JSON feed that you define. The only limitation for data we store (not hash/secure) is 50KB per transaction.

We simply charge per transaction. A transaction is "post" or a "get". HTTP access is for free.

Our helpdesk is open 24x7. Simply file a ticket to begin the support process.

While we have done our best to make our system as simple as possible we realize there are times where more complex integrations are needed. We've got you covered. Just contact your Verifiable Representative to take it to the next level.



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